There is Hope After All

I can prove the law of reaping and sowing.

There is still hope.

I put up a sign in the lift of our building, suggesting we look out for each other, especially the elderly and frail. ( Some places show the world how not to behave with their trashy behaviour.) Then suddenly a man, with whom I have only spoken in passing, has insisted on dropping a couple of rolls of toilet paper off outside my door. Today I noticed a list of notices had been left, so that people could offer help to those, who are self-isolating.

No I do not believe he thinks I am either elderly or frail – contrary to what my children suggest.

It is just a random act of kindness, which gives me hope beyond the wrestling matches for toilet paper, currently taking place in supermarkets.

It is not only viruses which are infectious. It seems kindness is too.

Thank you for restoring some of my faith in humanity.

I know this stands in stark contrast to some of my previous posts, but I see it as all part of the same battle. – The battle with the forces which seek to divide us.

Psalm 71

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