What Disney’s Dinosaur Teaches Us About Survival

When all else fails, “Watch a movie.”

That was a bit of a maxim of mine.” Let’s tune out with Disney”.

Whilst not exactly my favourite Disney movie, Dinosaur has some profound lessons for us all. The pack is being led by a big bully of a dinosaur called Kron – very much a survival of the fittest ‘ type guy.

Aladar, our hero, gets caught up leading a couple of elderly stragglers Eema and Baylene through the desert with him. They struggle along at the rear, whilst Kron booms at everybody to keep up.

Ultimately the dinosaurs learn that sticking together and taking care of each other, is the best survival strategy. It is Kron who eventually perishes, with his every man for himself approach.


Whilst life is not a Disney movie, I have found generally, looking out for others is a good survival strategy. Bunking down with our supply of toilet paper and hand sanitiser might be a good short-term tactic but if we are to survive the challenges long-term, it is my experience, we need to reach out from our comfort zones and help each other.

Simple things like checking on elderly and frail neighbours, sharing important supplies, being patient and kind with each other, will make everybody’s life easier, including our own.

With thanks to my hero for sharing his precious toilet paper during lockdown and the sweet people who gave me a call during lockdown. As for the rest of you:

Repent- Source: giphy.com

Down On Your Knees -Natalie Imbruglia


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