Is this the face we want to present to the world?

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Women Fighting Over Toilet Paper

Source: Mr Everything

Look I am not saying I did not cast an envious eye, over a few people pushing around shopping trolleys, containing toilet rolls – but was I ready to roll in the aisles with my fellow customers for a few rolls of two ply? I sincerely hope not.

Back a few years ago, I remember when we had a power station blow up. We had all helped each other out, sharing our resources. It seems now that want of a few rolls of toilet paper,  has reduced us to open warfare in our supermarket aisles.

Stone Soup. There is power in sharing. I would tell my children the story about stone soup. A man who was hungry had placed a stone in a pot and had heated it up. Curious people came along to see what he was doing. He had told them that he was making stone soup, but it had needed a few extra ingredients. The first person brought along some carrots. Then somebody had provided some onions. The next person had provided some potatoes and so it had gone on. Eventually they had all sat down and been able to share some delicious soup. The villagers had all believed the stone was magic.

How To Make Stone Soup

Stone Soup

Source:Sunday with Sarah

“Be willing to share your blessings. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away.”

David Khalil