Keep Your Woman In Line

The corporate wife thing was a nightmare for me. Yes, there were considerable financial benefits but I had secretly yearned for our old life, scavenging round garage sales.

In a last ditch attempt to save our marriage, I had begged my ex to leave the company. Despite my willingness to go back to basics, rather than live, in this new, false, destructive world – for him the financial pull had been too strong. The irony is, that within a year of our final separation, he had been sacked.

When he had joined the company, I had immediately gone from being a wife, to an accessory. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot awry with our relationship before, but the workplace culture had finally killed, any genuine feelings we might have had left for each other. Within a week of him starting full time at the company, he had drunkenly threatened to kill me.

Men say stuff to each other. Some of it is deliberately malicious, some of it is “banter”but it can have untold consequences at home. I am pretty sure a lot of the stuff said concerning me, had involved “keeping me in line”.

Stealing the slogan from a public transport campaign,

“I wore your words.”

Well guys maybe I should have displayed the consequences of those kinds of comments more prominently. Yes, he was a bully but you all did your part with your misplaced macho bull%$$.


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