Well I think it has finally happened. The Dixie Chick song Gaslighter is, I believe a breakthrough moment. Narcissistic abuse has gone mainstream. They are, at long last, being called out on their ho hum….


Know I have used this before but it is just about the cutest way to say this.

My friend experienced some clear gaslighting a few weeks back. I was able to prove to her, she was not being told the truth. Let’s just say after over twenty years of this (See above.), I am well-used to having to cover my back. I am more furious about the gaslighting that has taken place in my life, than anything else.

Love Gaslighter by the Dixie Chicks😍but I thought,

“Don’t build your life around the expectation of an apology girl.”

Even if it comes, it will be worthless. For a while I held out hope that some of the people, who had been taken in by the lies about me, might actually apologise.

“Stupid right.”


I know that now. Even if they had apologised…

Well, what is the point? You have already shown, who you are and what you are prepared to believe about me.

Sadly gaslighters and flying monkeys will forever remain on my uninvited (better that than I use the same emoji twice) list.

Is it weird to say, I have more compassion for narcissists, than their flying monkeys?

The gaslighting is the thing, it is going to take me the longest time to forgive.

Clearly The Dixie Chicks, judging by the look in their eyes,when they sing this song at least, feel the same way…

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