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“Back in Genesis God said he made male and female in his image.All of the godly women I know have the softer power of God to nurture and heal and yes even to lead but a different kind of leadership. We need each other men and women and we celebrate each other too.”

Comment taken from the comments section of an interesting blogpost by Beautybeyondbones (one of my favourite bloggers) about International Woman’s Day.

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  1. There are many different Mennonites now, some who are still very conservative and others who are more “liberal“. The reason for not drinking was not that it was inherently bad but rather more of a prevention from becoming an alcoholic.

  2. My grandmother was what most people would think of as the opposite of a feminist as she would, sometimes not so tactfully, say that women belong in the home taking care of the house. She certainly knew how to keep the house running and you would never find a better baker. The thing is she worked as hard as any of the men inside and outside of the house. Both my grandparents were born in Russia and came here to escape communism. They started out with very little and my grandma worked alongside my grandpa in many aspects. They both had amazing respect for each other and I admire their relationship even now that they are gone.

    1. My grandmother never stood for any nonsense and my grandfather used to do his bit, once they had both retired. One of my sweetest memories of my grandfather was that Nan would sometimes fall asleep with her glasses on. Granddad would lovingly take them off and put them on the bedside table. I had my own experience of Russia when my then new husband was carted off to drink vodka.

      1. Coming from a Mennonite background and being very sincere with their faith, alcohol was never an issue with them. They left Russia/Ukraine in 1925.

      2. I looked up Mennonite a few days ago, sounds interesting. My father’s side is very devout. There were Lutheran ministers on Dad’s side. They are so interesting. As I ubdeestand it Mennonites are like Lutherans?

      3. At the time of the protestant reformation there had been men like Conrad Grabel Felix Manz and Martin Luther who started questioning some of the actions of the catholic church at that time. They felt that people should not be forced to be part of church because it should be about faith. At that time saying anything in opposition to “the church” could result in death. Martin Luther in essence changed some of the things including a confirmation of faith once someone is older but still did infant baptism. The Anabaptists (Mennonites are part of this group) took it a step further and suggested that people should only be baptized when they choose to because it is supposed to be about faith. They believe that baptism isn’t anything magical but rather an outward showing of faith. They also believe in passivism. Many were persecuted and killed which is why many Mennonites ended up in Russia/Ukraine.

      4. You’re welcome. It’s a very basic explanation but gives you an idea. 😊

      1. It’s nice to read that you have wonderful memories of your grandparents as well. 😊

  3. Gee you can tell I am typing in the dark. Long story.At least I can do corrections on my own blog. My children have Eastern European ancestry too, not sure if it extends into Russia.

    1. Haha I can mess up just fine with full light. Our heritage would be Germanic/Dutch origin. I can go as far back to 1699 in Germany (Prussia).

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