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Why do I sit here and write my nonsense? Partially to remind myself, who I am and partially to tell all of you, who I am.

I was a headstrong, independent career woman, who came from a caring, if not perfect family. I still wound up in a domestically-abusive relationship, As Rosie Batty has said,

“If it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody.”

In fact many of the women I have met through this experience, come from similar backgrounds. We come from all professions, all socio- economic levels. The main pattern I have noticed is, that we, migrants do appear to be more vulnerable. We are not the bunch of sad, pathetic losers portrayed to me that day on my legal,studies course.

What can I say? You need to be extremely sure of somebody before you change countries with them, because once they have you away from your support network, you are acutely vulnerable, no matter your prior experiences and level of education.

Rosie Batty is herself a migrant.

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  1. Thank you Eric. That means so much. I have actually given up a bit lately. Nothing ever really seems to change. I set out to use what had happened to me to help others but I am in one of those moods, it felt pointless. I say to my children the whole point of studying the past is to learn from it and try not to keep committing the same old mistakes but we seem intent on doing it anyway.

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