Call Somebody Out on Their Passive-Aggressive Behaviour Today

I am saying sorry ahead of time, because you just know that somewhere out there, I have likely made mistakes too. Anyway world, you are on notice. Any nasty little digs will henceforth be dealt with head-on.

This is not suggesting we wage battle against passive-aggressive people, just that we politely ask them what they are implying with their remark. Of course we are unlikely to hear the truth but it may still be helpful to call them out occasionally.

My devout Christian friend, who studies her bible in great depth, refers to passive-aggressive behaviour as particularly evil. She has also encouraged me to call it out.

Even prayer is not safe. In my previous home area, I experienced prayer being used as an attack. You probably know the sort of thing. I had immediately exposed it.

Look ok, I never went to the prayer group again. Yes, I had felt a sense of loss but the sniping had been continuous anyway, so I guess for whatever reason, I was probably meant to leave.

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In an ideal world, people would smile politely, apologise and mean it. The issue would never recur. Sadly I have found this is often not the case, even among some Christians.

Indeed the passive-aggressive bullying may escalate, developing into a fully-fledged smear campaign. However by calling it out we have done our job.

The rest is with God.

As I write this I am reminded of one lovely lady, who totally shocked me with an unexpected apology, a few weeks ago. ( I have been in a beautiful love-filled prayer group for a while now.)

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