Getting Real About Passive -Aggressive Behaviour

Why passive-aggressive behaviour is For The Birds

Why do I like Germaine Greer, even if I do not always agree with her? Personally I think she should be considered a national treasure. Nobody can accuse Germaine of being passive-aggressive. She gives it to you straight. In recent weeks God has shown me that if pushed too far, I can be very sarcastic. I had merely believed it was wit, but as my mother used to say

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. “

Still, we all have areas which need work. I will always be a big fan of Basil in Fawlty Towers,

The way he says

“Oh light of my life.”

to Sybil, is comic genius.

He was the master of sarcasm. Generally speaking however, I believe I have a reputation for speaking my mind.

Leave it to Disney Pixar, to make a point about passive-aggressive behaviour in a humourous way.

For The Birds

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  1. Personally I feel sarcasm can be a useful comedic tool to lighten the mood as long as it’s used well. Where a person gets in trouble is when you use it to be mean or condescending rather than having a little fun with friends and family, as long as they feel it is fun that is.

    1. Thank you I think can be quite sarcastic. I am glad you find it humourous. I do too. I have been having a real beef about passive-aggressive behaviour, so I thought I had better come clean about my own.
      Catch me on a bad day and I am quite prepared to address somebody’s passive- aggressive behaviour directly.

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