Spring Cleaning

This will probably upset a few people. I have a very dear pagan friend. I do know she was the one person, to support me, when I made a stand about safety.. She had also written me a beautiful thank you letter, for encouraging her when she was struggling with her child. He was lively but as I believe I had told her at the time, liveliness is often a sign of intelligence. When she had encountered me unexpectedly in a shop last year, she had immediately stopped and given me a hug.She taught me a lot about my own faith. She was the one, who effectively reminded me that we are always in a spiritual battle, whether we realise it or not. All I knew was I could not stand to be around certain people or even enter certain places. She had explained to me that she was always careful about the people and things, she allowed into her home. She did me a great service, in that respect.

I was reminded how in the Old Testament, King David was allowed to keep some things from his many victories and not others. I have experienced Passover in Jerusalem and the rigourous Spring clean, which preceeds it. It is my belief, that we too, need to do a rigourous physical mental and spiritual Spring clean, if we realise we have been dealing with toxic people. We then need to put on God’s armour and prepare for battle. The battle is real. Never have I been as aware of it.. Being a Christian does not mean, we get to avoid the battle. It does mean however that we are awake, (or at least should be) and are ready, equipped with God’s armour, to fight it.

I am the warrior.

Source: ninatani 10 https://www.youtube.com/user/ninatani10