There Are Three Kinds of Lies – Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics – Quote attributed to several people

Statistics used to be one of my favourite subjects. I have always loved numbers. Trouble is, statistics now govern our lives. Every detail of our online habits are recorded somewhere. Analysing people’s online habits is now big business.There is every reason to believe that knowledge of statisitics has won and lost elections.

Do I look at the statistics of my blog?

You bet I do.

Google Analytics is amazing. My children were shocked to learn how much information I have – both from my blog and my You Tube. My You Tube audience, to my surprise, was largely teenagers. Somehow in the stats, I even discovered one of them was a beatboxer. I regularly go through my stats, with so much enthusiasm, I totally lose myself for a while.

SEO began to interest me last year. I was amazed how much putting Yoast on my blog, increased my traffic. Traffic is my main concern. I do notice things like bounce rate too, which indicate whether the people who visit, are sticking around and reading my posts. My absolute favourite thing to do is to investigate where my readers come from. Canadians seem to connect with me a bit. My father actually had more surviving family in Canada than in the UK. I also believe some of my ancestors may have come from Newfoundland.

Of course I have lived in the US, so I feel connected with my American readers too. Talking to English people makes me feel really homesick. I am glad I put Google translate on my blog. I speak three languages myself (just about well enough to get by) and I have never assumed everybody has to learn to speak my language.

Looking at the statistics, I try to understand why somebody in China, Japan,Turkey Italy or Singapore etc wants to read my blog. Hi to you all,

I am so thrilled to have you drop by.(and my other global visitors)

(Why come to that do I read blogs from all over the world?)

I guess like me, people want to learn and understand, to touch on the life of a stranger and somehow bring more meaning to our own. Yes statistics can be useful but it is my fascination with the people behind the numbers, which has kept me writing.

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