Never Assume…

Another totally horrific family violence tragedy here in Australia. Never assume if you are leaving a toxic relationship.

Please know that I never judge victims of family violence. Victim-blaming makes my blood boil – so much so that I interrupted a legal student seminar to put my point across (not that it got me anywhere). Unfortunately victim-blaming seems all too pervasive in this world at times.

Sadly your shields need to be up at all times in toxic situations. Never let your guard down. Yes often people make you feel dumb for behaving this way but what other people think really doesn’t matter. I still get people minimising my own experience but most of them have no idea. If you feel unsafe, that is all that counts. I know I felt like I was walking along a tightrope, at the end of my relationship. Sometimes I think that is God whispering in your ear that you are in danger.

If you have a faith – Pray and ask others to pray with you.

You can reach out to organisations like 1800 RESPECT (IN Australia) and the police (or the equivalent in your part of the world) for further support and guidance.



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