Frozen Soap Bubbles

Truly beautiful! Bubbles are kind of my thing.

Frozen Soap Bubbles

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles From ‘Top of The Pops’ 22nd May 1980

(Bubbles at Wembley – West Ham FansI have visited West Ham Football Ground. I went to see Billy Graham. Tim Dawson at Godless West Ham Old School Soccer Hooligan – Bill Gardner Tells His Story) The Hooligan Factory (Exclusive Clip)

I used to blow bubbles with my children and my classes all the time. Trish & John Playschool Dirty Squirty

From Canva


Torville & Dean Winning Britain a gold medal on the ice in the Olympics

The River God – Magical Music Box

This is what some British policemen get up to in their spare time.

Story of Torville & Dean

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