My Freelancer Profile

If you wish to hire me as a writer, I am available on Freelancer.

Just reach out via my contact form and if I feel you are legitimate, I will send you a link to my profile.

( Sorry but I am totally fed up with people making dodgy and sometimes actively illegal requests on Freelancer and Fiverr. A common one is asking to use my account for a few hundred dollars a month – not happening!!)

Actually I probably shoud have made this post a 101 on dealing with scammers. Unfortunately I did get kind of caught out once. I was awarded a project. I initially accepted, not realising I would be charged commission immediately, so I was twenty plus dollars out of pocket, before I realised it was a scam. My bank was not particularly helpful at first, until I spoke to somebody, who also happened to work on Freelancer. He had explained that they (Freelancer) were usually good about refunds. Fortunately that did appear to be the case. (Always check things out for yourself. I can only speak from my experience.)

Whilst we are on the subject of all things financial. I had an issue where I had somehow managed to pay for a subscription to a website three or four times. The website had given no indication whether I had successfully subscribed. I contacted Paypal and they were incredibly helpful. I strongly suggest you research these things for yourself. Don’t just rely on my opinion.I realise everybody’s experiences are different but mine was wholly positive. Paypal could not have been more accommodating. Fortunately I had not needed their intervention, as my money was refunded the following day without issue.

Update on $1000 in forty days – $0

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