Saving Our Wonderful Australian Wildlife

Australian wildlife is not shy. It does not exactly hide. From crocs in your pool apparently up in The Northern Territory, to possums in your attic and kangaroos bouncing around shopping malls, down South.

Source: Craig West Croc Man

A Billion Animals Dead in The Bushfires

Source; ABC News

They seem to say, “We were here first.”

Having a possum regularly feasting in my vegetable patch, was actually quite terrifying for my youngsters.  Possums are unafraid to let you know of their presence and make unearthly noises to indicate you should stay away. We would fairly regularly see a mother and baby possum balancing their way delicately along our side fence.

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As for wombats, they definitely do not believe they owe you any favours. Leave food out in your tent in wombat country and they will destroy it. Ask my daughter, as she had ended up having to share a tent, after just such an experience. Ah wombats my personal favourite — those lumbering animal bulldozers.

Wombats are Sheltering Other Wildlife

Source: Triple M

Wombat, Koala and a Rabbit in a burrow
Source:The University of Melbourne

Snopes: Wombats sheltering other animals, during Australia’s bushfire crisis

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Yes, wildlife rescue teams here really do have to chase down kangaroos bouncing through shopping malls at times. Possums in roofs are such a problem, that a whole industry has grown up, solely to remove them.

The birdlife in Australia is equally unabashed I will never forget the Christmas Day we heard a commotion coming from our birdtable,  as it had been descended upon by dozens of cockatoos. As for the magpies here. I find the sound they make amazing. Go anywhere near their nests in Spring and you could end up with a permanent centre- parting, as they dive bomb you. We have been driving through the bush and had to stop our car for emus. They had looked through the windscreen with disdain and had made it clear, they were in no hurry.

My son and my ex used to go out rescuing animals. If you find native injured wildlife, I assume vets still treat it for free. If you knock down and kill a kangaroo, check it’s pouch. What to do if you hit a kangaroo while driving
We used to keep temporary artificial pouches at our house.
I used to love them doing all this, until my ex had made it all about himself and ruined it. He always loved committees but every committee he became involved in, devolved into drama. At one point there were so many threats on a basketball committee I had become concerned for my children’s safety. After he had left, I had also discovered a letter to him, which threatened him with legal action, which I had known nothing about at the time. I think committees can probably work well but we need to find ways of not filling them with narcissists and psychopaths, who seem to find the opportunities for power, prestige and drama irresistible.

Our wonderful and at times haughty wildlife is under threat, in a way I have not seen in the twenty plus years I have been here. I genuinely worry that if I am ever fortunate enough to have grandchildren, they may be left asking us about these mythical creatures – kangaroos, wombats and koalas.

I just realised I have tears streaming down my face as I write this.

Also I am thinking of the valiant attempt my son has just made to blow up the TV. Yesterday he was building some sort of wildlife park, alongside the TV, complete with water feature. He had the foresight to lay around my entire collection of tea towels, apparently, trying to limit the spread of water. I know in my heart he will create a wildlife reserve for real some day. So long as he doesn’t blow up my tv or destroy my tea towels doing it.


Snopes: Wombats sheltering other animals during Australia’s bushfire crisis


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