Thank You To All Those Fighting To Save Our Wonderful Wildlife

Fighting To Save Our Wonderful Australian Wildlife

My son has a gift when it comes to dealing with animals. The animals know it. Last year he had wild dolphins swim up to him, in shallow water. . He actually  has it on video.

Thanks for all the fish HD

For several years he went out with his father rescuing animals. We used to have all the paraphernalia in our backyard – slings for baby joeys, old towels, pippettes for feeding. You name it. We had it.

I was laughing with him yesterday about the time he had corrected a mother, when he was playing with plastic animals at kinder. She had asked him about the walrus in his hands. At three-years-old he had indignantly told her it was an elephant seal, not a walrus. She had recounted this incident to me later, amazed at his knowledge.

For the record these are elephant seals

Elephant Seals

and these are walruses. he never seemed to get along with our chickens. They used to run and hide in the hedge, whenever he appeared but in general, he has a special connection with animals.
Actually confession here – ho hum. I used to want to be a vet too, so perhaps it runs in the family.

We bought him Zoo Tycoon. Both my youngsters loved it. I would leave them to play on it happily for hours, believing the experience was educational. until the day I heard screams coming from his room, as he had suddenly unleashed all the animals, on the visitors.

Animals Savage Garden
Anyway Zoo Tycoon aside, Australian animals have featured strongly in our lives. I have been heartbroken by their plight at the moment, during these devastating bushfires, which are still impacting Australia.

I am so grateful to the dedicated people, who are still devoting themselves to trying to save these amazing creatures.
While my son used to go out rescuing animals, I learned that if you accidentally kill or find a dead marsupial such as a kangaroo, or other animal with a pouch, you should always check their pouches for babies. They can be saved if you get them to the right people. Vets, as I understand it, will treat injured native Australian wildlife for free.

Rescuing Wildlife on Kangaroo Island
Source: Save Paws

World Wildlife Fund

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