Olu Deniz, Turkey 1995

Olu Deniz, Turkey August/ September 1995

Turkey is not somewhere I have ever spoken about before. Probably because the only time I visited it, was on my honeymoon. My principle memory of Turkey is of being driven in an open-topped vehicle along terrifying roads, with a sheer drop just beside me.

Watch “Turkey Bus mountain drive view” on YouTube

We had been given the most rudimentary of maps and had of course got very lost. I was convinced we would end up in Anatolia.

As darkness approached, fear had really begun to take hold. We were on a narrow, unfamiliar road, with a sheer drop down one side. To add to the fun we were running out of petrol.

Watch “TURKEY: Ölüdeniz coast, Butterfly Valley, Kabak village” on YouTube

Aside from the drive we took to Bright, where my son threw up abd a terrifying bus ride in Yugoslaciawhere they had told us that The crosses marked where vehicles had gone off the cliff, this was the scariest drive ever,

We’re On A Road To Nowhere- Talking Heads 

Source:David Byrne’s American Utopia

Watch “Turkey Bus mountain drive view” on YouTube

I had insisted we stop at this friendly-looking little restaurant to ask for help. It was our only real glimpse into actual Turkish life. Virtually the whole family had been crammed into one tiny room, with the restaurant beside it.

It had turned out stopping at this restaurant had been a good move. I believe we were able to top up with food and petrol, get some better directions and head back to our chalet, having survived the experience, JUST…

We bought a rug in Turkey which I had grown to hate as he would make big dramas and shift it around every time he walked by me, I had ended up ousting it.

I let him take it when we separated. I was glad to see the back of it in the end. THIS is pretty similar but a lot larger! My grandfather made some lovely rugs. I have also made very small ones.

Watch “latch hook rug #shorts” on YouTube

Watch “Cappadocia, Turkey: Turkish Carpets – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite” on YouTube

I am completely off carpets and rugs these days after realising how much carpet aggravated my son’s asthma. I also get b asthma in Spring,

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