My Musical Sunday Afternoon

I absolutely love The Alan Parson Project song Eye in the Sky. It was really popular when I had lived in America, so I had naturally assumed it was an American band. As it turned out I was wrong. They are a UK band.

Source: Assorted Genre

Just listening to it and up popped up Gerry Rafferty Get it Right Next Time. I think I loved just about everything Gerry Rafferty ever did. I was sad to learn that he had died, even though he had straightened his life out. He was , I understand unfortunately, still suffering the ill effects of his past excesses.

Source: Gerry Rafferty

My guilty pleasure is My Sweet Lord by George Harrison. I know it isn’t exactly Christian but it definitely should be. When I sing along, I sing it to Jesus.

With thanks to Nowhereman 113 for giving me a great musical afternoon and all the other channels whose channels have filled me with nostalgia. Source:

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