Using My Voice

Yes I am a feminist. I do not feel I should have to apologise for it. It really annoys me when women in particular, criticise feminists. Most of them would not have jobs, let alone a voice to criticise, without brave feminists, who have gone before them.

People might be surprised to learn I do have some sympathy with the views of Jordan Peterson. Young men do have difficulties because of the sins of those, who have gone before them. Trouble is there is a backlash. It is normal and even healthy for pendulums to swing too far one way or another before they get checked.

It is interesting now that certain behaviours are finally being called out. Behaviours that were normal for women of my generation to be forced to tolerate. I will never forget the headmaster who gave me a shoulder rub. I sat there in shocked silence. I am horrified at the idea of these things ever happening to my daughter. Ted X Talk Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave

Yes there are women who make unjust accusations but I am still inclined to believe there are far more women, who are forced to tolerate chauvinistic behaviour and various degrees of sexual assault in silence


We still have a long way to go. If you are a female blogger, freely expressing your views, THANK A FEMINIST. Many women have been prepared to suffer pain, degradation and even death to win for us, the freedoms we now often take for granted.

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