Timeline Sample

Smith Family Timeline

I found this was a great way to put everything in context.

Obviously real events and relevant family photos and dates would need to be put on your family timeline. This is just a sample.

___17??____ GGGGG Grandfather Ms X born

_17??______ GGGGG Grandmother Ms X born

______ GGGGG Grandparents marry

_______ GGGG Grandfather Ms X born

_______GGG Grandfather Ms X born

________GGG Grandmother Ms X born

_________GGG Grandfather Mr X born

GG Grandfather Mr X headed to Australia.

_ GGG Grandmother Mr X born

_________GGG Grandparents Mr X marry

______GG Grandfather Mr X born

______ GG Grandmother Mr X born

______ GG Grandfather Ms X born

__ GGrandmother Ms X born

__ GGrandfather Mr X born
Paternal Grandmother Ms X born

Paternal Grandmother Ms X born

Maternal Grandfather Ms X born
Maternal Grandmother Ms X born

Maternal Grandparents marry

Paternal Grandfather Mr X born

Paternal Grandmother Mr X born

Great Grandmother dies

Maternal Grandmother born

Paternal Grandfather born

Maternal Grandparents marry

Ms X Father born

Ms X Mother born

Ms X Parents marry

Mr X born

Ms X born

Mr X father headed to Australia aboard ___
_ Mr X father arrived Australia

__ brother Ms X born

_ Grandmother Mr X dies

_ Grandfather Ms X dies

Ms X March 198? – July 198- Lived in America

_ Mr X 21st birthday

July 198- Mr X travelled in The Australian Outback

September 198- Grandfather Mr X dIed

July 198- Ms X graduated college.

September 198- Ms X started work as a teacher

December 1989 Ms X headed to Israel

November 1991 Ms X arrived in Tokyo Japan

November 1991 Ms X arrived in New Zealand

August 199_ Ms X visited Canada

November 199- Mr X left Australia

November 1991 Mr X in Paris

December 199- __ Grandmother Ms X dies

June 199? Mr and Ms X meet at a dance.

August 199- Ms X goes to Australia to meet the family.

August 199- Mr and Mrs X marry

August 199- Mr & Mrs X head to Australia to live. Travel from England to Hong Kong by train.

September 199- Mr & Mrs X arrive in Australia to live

199- X Child of Mr and Mrs X born

August 199? X Child walks for first time.
And so it goes on…

Trips away and important events are all recorded with photos.
In my case I even recorded the date when the children had chicken pox.

Old & Wise (LOL)

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