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Are you stuck? Have you hit one of those genealogical brick walls. I might be able to help. Newspaper archives are a bit of a speciality.  I have already solved countless family mysteries with my research. I have located long lost friends and family. One of my biggest successes was tracking down an amazing 95 year-old relative, who had hitherto been only a name in an address book, which was at least sixty years old. One day I will tell his remarkable story. I was able to correspond with him for several years before his death. On another occasion my search of the newspaper archives, proved the origins of an Australian family, a mystery perhaps  hidden for a century or more. Who knows what family secrets I might help you uncover. You can become an email subscriber by entering your email in the email subscriber box below.

Whilst I will do my best, I cannot guarantee to solve your particular mystery but I might be able to give you a nudge

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in the right direction.

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