Married Life – The Early Years

Princess Diana changed the world. Something happened when Princess Diana died, which I had never seen in my lifetime. According to my father, British people – (and let’s face it we are famous for our stiff upper lip) had stood around openly on the street crying.

Harry said something interesting, when he was interviewed recently. He mentioned how every time he heard a camera flash, he was sent back to that traumatic time. The time of his mother’s death. Trauma can do that to you. The most innocent things, have the ability to put you back at the worst times of your life.

I don’t mind admitting that recent events have put me right back in the space of being in a new homeland, dealing with a completely different way of life and then finding myself rapidly pregnant. It was a a very scary time for me. Even though I also felt blessed at the same time.

The Queen spent her early years in relative obscurity as I understand it. Until The Abdication, she was part of a relatively ordinary, (albeit aristocratic) family. I am sure it is one of the reasons she has grown to become so well-loved. It seems the very early years of her marriage were also spent quietly overseas, as a Naval wife.

The early years of any marriage are particularly tough. I remember arriving at work tearful one day and a colleague trying to cheer me up with the words,

“Don’t worry, the first twenty years are the hardest.”

Thinking about it now, perhaps that is why I struggled on for so long, thinking that perhaps when I hit that mystical twenty-year mark, everything would be ok. It wasn’t…

William and Catherine from memory, spent those early years in Anglesea, also in relative anonymity. In my own relationship, we had exactly two years as a married couple, before our first child came along. Yes amazingly our first child was born on our second wedding anniversary.

Harry and Meghan have never had that precious time and yes even though my own marriage ultimately failed, those first couple of years, were significant. In retrospect ( always easier to see things in hindsight), perhaps Harry and Meghan had always needed a little time to be just plain ‘ Ole Mr and Mrs Wales’ or whatever name they ultimately decide to take…

Source: The Royal Family

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