A Little Kindness and Compassion Goes A Long Way

I have been following the plight of poor Meghan for a long time. For example, I could not believe she was criticised for touching her baby bump too much. I always had my hand on mine. My son was really active. He used to kick me and I would press gently back against his foot.

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My daughter was so quiet in comparison, I used to panic something was wrong.

I don’t care how old or independent you are. Most expectant mothers need their mums. I never used to believe that pregnant mothers were fair game, but it seems in some quarters, they are. I have warned my own son that if he lets down his partner when she is either pregnant or has just had a baby, she will never forget it. I have seen countless examples of this amongst my female friends and family. (as well as myself) – the rewards for getting it right and the repercussions of getting it wrong.

On the flip side, it seems like my mum had that same serious morning sickness, as experienced by the Duchess of Cambridge. She had been violently ill for months. Then suddenly she had a craving for something called Dover Sole. Dad went and got it for her, even though they could ill afford it at the time. She was sick one last time. She says it was a turning point in her pregnancy. She has never forgotten his kindness. No he did not always get things right but considering his own mother had died when he was a teenager, looking back he did pretty well.

It must be very hard for first-time fathers, but it is a crucial time for any relationship. Yes I realise there will always be external pressures but I have yet to meet anybody, who regrets putting their spouse/partner and new baby first, during that crucial period.

I found the Queen’s statement warm, personal and compassionate.

Source:Jamie Oliver https://www.youtube.com/user/JamieOliver


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