A Story of Hope

I used to love Ready Steady Cook. The chefs would be given five ingredients and twenty minutes, to produce delicious dishes. For me Ready, Steady, Cook had been s bit of a lifeline. I don’t know quite how it had wound up that way but at that point in time, I had somehow found, that I was excluded from the food shopping. I do blame myself for that. I had allowed it to happen. I would look at the food in our pantry and challenge myself to make delicious meals. I had become quite adept at it. I suspect one of the reasons our relationship had lasted as long as it  did, was my cooking ability.

There were some wonderful chefs on Ready, Steady Cook. One of the regulars was a guy called Matt Golinski. He had a wife and three children. He had owned a restaurant up on the Sunshine Coast, another of our favourite holiday destinations.

I have loved Noosa, on The Sunshine Coast ever since I had first staggered along to a local hostel, carrying a backpack. I had partcularly adored Noosa at the time, as we had just survived the rigours of The Outback. Noosa had felt like a return to civilisation. Revisiting Noosa and photographing our chlldren outside the hostel, where my friend and I had stayed some twenty years previously, had felt surreal.

I believe we had actually been holidaying there one Chistmas, when we had heard about Matt Golinski and his family. There had been a housefire at the family home. Matt was left fighting for his life. His wife and three daughters had been killed.

Matt miraculously managed to survive. and with the support of family,friends – coupled with his own sheer grit and determination, he had  steadily managed to rebuild his life.

Matt Golinski – Australian Story

Matt Golinski Tells All

Source:ABC News

Source: ABC News In-Depth https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxcrzzhQDj5zKJbXfIscCtg

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