Drop Bears-A PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with this species of this little-known and “deadly” Australian Wildlife

I thought we all needed a laugh

Australians love their drop bears. My family were camping in the backyard. They were warned to be aware of the possibility of “drop bears” falling from the sky. Sure enough, as they snuggled in their tent, cuddly bears had begun to rain down mysteriously, from over the fence.

I had rapidly located the offending “drop bears” and returned them to my neighbour’s doorstep, with a little note asking her to look after the poor, homeless “drop bears”, who had nowhere to go. The correspondence had gone on for some time. I was told the sad story of these poor lost bears.

From memory it had ended with a note from these “drop bears” thanking us for our hospitality, explaining that they had now found a safe, new home.

Both sons had loved 🎶 music. I seem to remember one enjoyed Iron Maiden

I had loaned him one of my guitar books. I think he took about a week to zoom past me on the guitar. My son was the same… He is very musical, he just hasn’t quite worked it out yet. He desperately wanted to dance here but I knew his dance would be accompanied by an unwelcome rhythm being hammered from below. It broke my heart. I had danced with him from before he was born. My mother had thought I was crazy holding him in my arms as we danced to rock music. More than anything else I wanted their lives to be full of music.

The taste of her eldest son was not unlike my own, except I mainly heard him singing along to his music with his headphones on.


An adorable Scottish reporter was once tricked about how ferocious drop bears were. 🐻 She had allowed herself to be decked out in full safety gear. I saw that sort of gentle teasing as a sign of affection. ❤

Australians love their drop bears.

Our dear neighbour has since died and the note was lost in the move but a video reminded me once more of our wonderful neighbour and her family. I had known her boys since they were young. I do remember those awkward teenage years. I do not recall ever thinking either of them were dirtbags but I do remember their mother being brave enough,like me to yellow at them sometimes. It was not easy to allow yourself to be human at times.


but they both turned into fine young men. Her youngest son had a taste for Iron Maiden.

Gif from Giphy.Com

Video Source: The Today Show https://www.youtube.com/user/IWakeUpWithTODAY

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