They say confession is good for the soul. – so here goes. In the middle of this horrific bushfire season, how have I been managing to chill? Well it  is also holiday season here. When life gets too much, do I reach for the bottle, desperately curl myself into a yoga position or get out my essential oils, maybe sit on the beach?

You might be shocked to learn my guilty secret. How have I been spending my holiday?

Are you ready? (This is probably a bit sad.)

I have been watching cakes being iced. I LOVE watching icing being carefully coloured and put in individual glass bowls.

Let Them Eat Cake – French & Saunders

You know the kind. Those bowls which are supposed to be virtually  unbreakable. ( Ha have I got news for you.) I have almost forgotten what “proper” crockery feels like. We have tiled floors. My youngsters call it the Fall of Death.

A set of Russian piping tips look like the answer to all the world’s issues to me, at the moment. (Waiting for the million Google ads to appear offering me icing nozzles,  icing turntables etc.)Yes I have been caught by the hype. The only thing stopping me right now is the fact, I do not feel like baking cakes, at the height of an Australian Summer.

Anyway back to the point. There is something “deliciously” satisfying about watching icing, turning a plain sponge, into some mystical creation. I confess I have dabbled with icing cakes in the past. The results have been mixed. I always made my children’s birthday cakes, until they were old enough to know better and we had a French bakery move down the road. I even made a Teletubby cake once.

My son had adored Teletubbies at the time. Lala was a particular favourite in our house. Ok so the ears were a bit funny. I tried.

Autumn however, might be a different story. Yes I know that fairy tale cakes are no longer likely to resonate with my pair of digitally-obsessed adults but maybe there is still room in our lives for a floral cupcake or two…

They Want You To Be A Soft, Little Cupcake


My Cupcake Addiction:

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