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I had rung her, as I had heard about the threat to Mallacoota and had known she was holidaying there. I had not expected the situation to unfold in front of me.

As you all know, my friend was trapped for days by bushfire.

When I had first rung, I had expected to be told she was nowhere near the inferno, instead my call found her, huddled in a car with the fire bearing down upon them. She had mentioned there were others there but I had not known at that time, that there were 4000 people stuck fearfully by the water.

I had felt so helpless. I did the only thing left to us both and prayed with her.

She is now home safely, having been evacuated by ship, with over one thousand others. Unfortunately she has hurt herself, stumbling aboard the ship but she is, I am sure, just relieved and grateful to have been rescued.

We have a unique bond here with California, which regularly responds to our cries for help, as we respond to theirs.We all realise how small and powerless we are, when confronted by the horrors of a bushfire..

I saw a wonderful firefighter talking about this yesterday. He had not minced his words and had made an impassioned plea about climate change. 

Ok let’s say we are all wrong about climate change. What do we lose by having a cleaner, less-polluted world?

Weather With You -Crowded House My English teacher used to talk about:”sympathetic backgrounds.”

I am as addicted to my creature comforts, as the next person. Yesterday I was chatting with a blogger, who lived in the area decimated by fire in 2009. This blogger had written about keeping their place cool with wet towels. I was filled with admiration. 

The last time we had no air-.conditioning,  I had been eight months pregnant and had gone into labour, on the hottest day of that particular year.

However I recognise the need for change. It will mean significant discomfort and sacrifices for us all but the longer it takes us to decide to do something, the more drastic those changes will be.

Weather With You -Crowded House

If you wish to make a donation to help all those severely impacted, contributions may be made at the following places:

The Australian Red Cross
St. Vincent De Paul
To help Australian Wildlife please donate to WIRES.

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