Victorian Bushfires

Report from 9:34 am AEST

My friend is huddled in her car with her husband, sheltering from a bushfire right now. They are sitting in their car, parked by the water. The sky is glowing red and they are waiting for fire to descend upon them. My friend is close to running to the water.Their car windows are closed due to smoke but she is worried that this might cause them to fall asleep.

I want to thank the firefighters who are stationed there protecting them, as the fire barrels towards them.

Please pray for all the people caught up in these terrible fires.


Wow! The power of prayer. The wind seems to have changed direction. The guy said a wind suddenly come up from the East and seems to have saved them all.

Thank you Lord.

UPDATE 10;40 am Wednesday 1st January

Saw photos of people in Mallacoota wearing oxygen masks. My friend is asthmatic. Still no news. I last spoke to her yesterday as they were waiting for the firefront to hit.

Australians are pretty resilient but this is hitting hard.

Just heard they are assessing people with medical issues in Mallacoota and moving them for treatment to a boat which is offshore.

1:38 I just wanted to comment about the terrific way this fire situation seems to be being managed. I am really impressed. I mean 4000 people on a beach is unprecedented. I had to check as I have only been here 20 years.It is comforting to know that the military are involved.

All the areas on fire are some of my favourite holiday spots. In past years we have been staying there at this time.

Australians generally accept bushfire as a fact of life, but this catastrophe has shocked even the traditionally tough rural people, who generally just shrug their shoulders and get on with things, when faced with bushfires.

I am used to Australians shrugging and saying,

“No Worries”.

I don’t think anybody here is saying “No worries” at the moment. Donations may be made at the places below:

The Australian Red Cross
St. Vincent De Paul
To help Australian Wildlife please donate to WIRES.


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