Blogging – The Early Days

Hey World – I’m Here

Who would be interested in my words and thoughts? I hesitated for months before hitting that blue PUBLISH button on my first post.

The first tip I had been given  was  – Keep my posts short.

I did  not consider myself an expert. I just had a passion for a particular topic (genealogy). I read other blogs. They had seemed so much more professional than mine. I think I may have commented on a few blogs,  My first LIKE, was rapidly followed by my first subscriber. This was a delightful SHOCK.

Finding Passion

I still cherish that first  brave subscriber. I visited her blog. She is an archivist in Georgia. My fellow blogger spoke of her struggle to obtain work in her field and explained the nature of her vital tasks. Her passion for her job is there in every word, as she allows us to peek behind the records.

Eventually I  had realised blogging was about passion. Every person whose words were reaching out into the world, was sharing a passion. Once I caught their enthusiasm, the blogging world had started reaching out to me.

Those Special Early Followers

Another of my early followers spoke openly about her struggles with an eating disorder. Her posts are occasionally controversial and she sometimes receives some scathing comments. She dutifully answers every one – treating each commenter with respect. Her viewpoints rarely coincide with mine and yet I now consider her a friend.

The struggles of a young man attempting daily to overcome racism, touch me deeply. He once described his mother’s feelings of shame at having to ask for hair products which were locked  away…

Some blogs are written in secret – an outlet for those with no other escape.

The warmth and support of the blogging community has helped me deal with challenges. One blogger wrote a beautiful, encouraging  private note on my contact form.

Yasmin made it her mission to make everybody’s life A Bit Better. That is her selfless goal. Her faithful support of every post, had helped my confidence to soar.

By sharing our passions, we  too, have the opportunity to not only improve our own lives but perhaps we make another person’s life (to quote a fellow blogger)

A Bit Better…

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