Every time we reach out from our blogging platform, we are changing the world. People from overseas are no longer numbers to we bloggers. We recognise their humanity, as we talk to each other daily. Thank you all so much for sharing a little of your lives.

Two major events which helped shape Australia were The Battle for Anzac Cove and the Battle for New Guinea about which Carrie Brown has written so powerfully in her blog. For me it was thought – provoking to realise that men fought from all over the world to help save our area too.


That is what we bloggers do. We share and we learn from each other. Travel is a fantastic educator. Mostly I have experienced people’s kindness and good humour – the many individuals who will reach out to strangers and share both their time and their resources. I survived my many travel mishaps, mainly because of the innate goodness of such people.

Yes I have had negative experiences too. In America I was followed by an extremely creepy guy.. In Australia we had perhaps only with the grace of God, avoided an encounter with a particularly vicious serial killer.

Actually in the UK I have recently realised I had lived a lot closer to a serial killer than I would have liked.














In Asia I picked up a particularly nasty bug, which affected me for many months and had  caused my mother visited by a health official.

She has never forgotten and still talks about the time, I nearly had her kitchen closed down by The Government.

I had needed to adapt to conditions in areas where fridges and fresh water were less readily available.

I learned that what for me was “loose change”, was enough to educate a child.

Today we can discover these things without ever leaving our armchairs or buying a single ticket.

There is much talk these days about being an influencer. I will likely never run a country,=Not a good idea…

nor negotiate peace talks but perhaps I might touch one life.

Personally I try to learn from my many mistakes. The lessons of history (both my own and the world’s) suggest to me, that I may not be the only one who has been kept busy on a hamster wheel.

Sorry to the many loving hamster owners out there, who I am sure take wonderful care of their pets.

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