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It’s Official. I’m a Youtuber

It seems I am officially considered a You Tuber now.

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My channel started as a way to produce original content for my blog but this week I heard through official channels that I am  a  real You Tuber.

I am presenting a selection of some of my best and WORST videos here for your enjoyment.

I would love for you to visit my channel.

Until this week most people visiting my channel were under twenty. I think this may have a lot to do with the influence my youngsters have had upon me.

My very first video is perhaps one of my favourites. It was made with extensive use of You Tube Creator Studio – a tool which seems to no longer exist but which I absolutely loved.



My Hamster Phase

Then we all went through my hamster on a wheel phase together.

Perhaps not my most exciting phase but certainly therapeutic for me at the time.

The Hamster Phase  Continues

The string of hamster videos which followed were fun to make, if a little dire to watch at times. I really appreciate that some of you lovely people, took the time to view them.

Hamster Jogging

Yes I really did attempt to draw a hamster on a treadmill using Microsoft Paint (my graphics program of choice)

I prefer the term whimsical, but apparently it is funny for all the wrong reasons.

I actually remember being emotional as I produced this video but nonetheless I found it very healing. Perhaps one day it may help others heal too.

 The Latest Phase

The latest incarnation of my channel has involved turning my blog posts into videos – I hope this makes my blog more human and approachable.

Thank you for coming on my journey with me and supporting me all the way.

I would love for you to drop by my You Tube Channel.❤

My latest videos are produced using Plotagon,


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