Google News Archive appears to be more extensive lately. Today I decided to do a quick search using the name Panton. I uncovered the following story.

I believe Alec Panton may be the great grandson of James Panton (1788-1857) and Rebacca.

Alec Panton was at London Zoo with his two young children, when they made the mistake of looking over the fence to admire a flock of flamingos, who were taking an “after-dinner nap.”

One of the birds had “waddled over”. A short time later Alec Panton had found his head inside the bird’s pouch, which he later recalled,

“Smelled fishy.”

I hope it was not a catfish.

Untitled design (8)

Catfish v Fox by Catfishing World Yuri Grisendi

He had somehow managed to extricate his head fairly quickly. It appeared Alec had sustained a slight wound to his head during his ordeal.

John Yoalland, the zoo’s curator of birds, had been somewhat surprised at Alec Panton’s “odd adventure”, exclaiming,

“We have never had any previous complaints about our pelicans billing people!”

London Evening Standard, November 22nd 1954

Retrieved from Google News Archive

The whole thing smells FISHY to me. (Sorry I could not resist that one…)

I believe Alec Panton may be the son of William Henry Panton.(1874-1964)

For further information view for a downloadable descendants chart.

A demonstration of a pelican swallowing
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