Dahab, Egypt

March/April 1990

One evening while in Dahab, Egypt, I had found myself with nobody with whom to talk. I struck up a conversation with this American guy, who was wandering around while spinning a silver disc on his finger. It had turned out we had a common interest in visiting the Gaza Strip.

I agree with the girl in the video. There is something really special about Dahab.

Source: Coffee then Travel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF4WJolKn8gS1bZnCQcpc7Q

Gradually I had seen more and more of D, (the disc-spinning guy) My two former travelling companions were ready to move on. I needed to decide whether to go with them or to wait for D. I had decided I would wait for D,

In the meantime I had been invited to a meal by the guy, who was running the place where I was staying. He had seemed very nice but I had felt uneasy at the prospect of being left totally alone (The camp was now empty.) with him, in such an unfamiliar environment. By the way he had very little but was happy and generous with what he had.

I had packed up my rucksack and pretended to depart with my friends. Somehow I had ended up staying at the same place as D.

The next day D. and I had headed back to Israel. We had spent the night camping on the beach in Eilat. I had understood this was not strictly allowed. I had barely slept the entire night, expecting to be woken up and moved on by police.

We arose at 5am. I had sat with D. by the beach, watching the sun rise over the Jordanian Mountains, while eating delicious pita bread, filled; with avocado and tomato.

I still have a soft spot for avocados, even if I have been hit on the head by a few, while picking them. I have never eaten avocado since and not thought of that magical time.

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