Don’t Let Age Hold You Back

From the perspective of my youngsters I am ancient. However new technology has given many of we oldies a new lease of life and a whole new audience.

You Tube has some great features. I love looking at the analytics. To my surprise the main audience of my channel is


In some ways this is not that surprising. My own youngsters have been a huge influence on my work. I love talking to youngsters. I find their lively,enquiring minds stimulating.

My own daughter was disccussing me the other day and had mentioned a film we had watched together about a mother and a daughter. I had defended the daughter with great vigour. I do seem to have not only an active inner child but also an enthusiastic inner teenager. I actually like adolescents. Their ideals, hopes and dreams, are often still ready to bloom.

Technology has the potential to bring out the inner teenager in all of us. Whether it is the 87 year old grandmother using Microsoft Paint in an amazingly creative way or my own tentative attempts at using a number of great artistic programs. Computers allow us tdevelop new skills and overcome previous limitation.

Regardless of our age, the world is not only “our oyster”, it is potentially our paintbrush, pen and even stage.

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