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After The Bomb-Survivors of The Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki tell their story.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi survived the nuclear bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Enola Gay – OMD

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Radioactive -Imagiine Dragons

Interestingly I gather Imagine Dragons are particularly Big In Japan – Alphaville

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The band I nearly went to see with my dear friend who wrote his address on a box for me. Unfortunately he died. I often wonder that if I had been in when he came to take me to the concert, maybe that would have meant his life would have changed just enough for him to still be alive for his lovely wife( She has always made a massive effort the effort to stay in touch, so some 22 years later we are still friends. I now consider her to be among my best friends. )she sends me pictures of her daughter. I have the perfect song for her but I will not use her name publicly. She has a brother now too.

She will never know her father but I passed on what I could. I still have one of his letters.

More College Friends

I am still in touch with another of my college friends. He has always got straight back to me whenever I write. I wonder these days whether his youngsters have ever managed to get him on any fairground rides. I once went on some twirly thing with him at the fair and he had helped make me less afraid because he was so terrified. I treated him very badly at one point. I ghosted him because I had felt unable to respond to a card he had sent me. So glad he forgave me.

The group of us would cycle to events. I am nearly as bad at cycling as I am at driving. Dad had not wanted to take my bike down to college. I quite understand why now. I think my guardian angel 😇 had worked overtime to keep me safe. I had trouble with my bike lights too. Our bike lights and bikes were always getting stolen. My dear friend The OMD fan had bought a mega bike lock. I think the company said that if the bike was stolen with this lock on it, they would replace it

Mind you we did “steal” a bike ourselves one year. My friend has unfortunately died now. His car was taken out by a truck as he was just waiting at an intersection. He had regularly driven me home from college, as we lived quite close to each other. I always felt safe with him. I once took him round the same roundabout three times, as I had no idea of the route to my own home. I had never once seen him lose his cool. He is the last person I would ever have expected to die in a road accident. I still cry thinking about it. My father had also died at virtually the same time. Dad died on Christmas Day. My mother had bravely carried on with Christmas, after his body had been taken away for the sake of the children. I was a month off giving birth at the time. I had not been allowed to grieve properly at all. I think this had led to the kidney problems I had later experienced.

Five Things Nobody Tells You About Grieving

My son grieved the loss of his home. I was pleased in a way it meant that he had been happy there despite everything. He even said he would go so far as to buy his old home one day. He has always been what I would refer to as, a home body. I had a real job trying to get him out of his comfort zone. I knew he would have to learn to deal with change, if he was ever going to “have a rich, full and meaningful life.”

The Struggle Switch -Dr Russ Harris

More About College Friends

Two of my friends had come from a county which has a bit of a reputation for being snobby, so I would tease them. Well the joke is on me now, as I discover my father’s family lived in that county for hundreds of years.

Best Train Driver Announcement I see I am not the only one, who views this county as a bit posh. I don’t feel so bad about my teasing now.


Anyway they had all pranked me a couple of times too. I had woken up to find my door had been papered over by my friend who was killed. This had led another friend and I to walk with his bike back to college, whilst he was in a call box. He had waved after us. I can still see him in my head. I had also had a bucket of water poured over me from the tower in the hall of residence. I had richly deserved it. I had been pranking them I am still a bit of a prankster at heart. I get that from my grandparents I think. While I was working in the dairy I had not been very good at removing cartons from the line. I would often accidentally stop the machine, which would cause the sealing machines to start smoking.

I had a carrier to take the milk cartons away to weigh them. One day it had suddenly disappeared. It had come out of a machine neatly shrink-wrapped. I really liked the people there. I was taken aside and told one of the guys had a crush on me. I think I hid all day even though I liked him. I remember the song.

“Every Breath you Take” from that time

My favourite people all worked in cottage cheese. With my usual lack of road safety, I had nearly been run over by a fork lift several times. (I have only realised how dangerous they can be since hearing of a few tragic accidents here in Australia . The accidents which upset me the most here, was when a guy had got caught in a grain silo.)

Still I had loved visiting cottage cheese till the day they had all started sniggering every time I went in. I had eventually been told it was because the guy had a crush on me. Why he couldn’t have just told me himself, I will never know.

My grandmother had spoken of short sheeting family beds when they came to stay.

Pranking runs in the family but family pranks generally produced laughter rather than hurt and they were certainly never deliberately cruel.

Short l Sheeting Prank

When Joking Isn’t The Point

The Joke – Brandi Carlile


I am glad you all enjoy a good roast.

Hell hate no fury like a woman scorned.

Revellation 20:15 The Lake of Fire

Hiroshima-A survivor tells her story

Archive footage of the Hiroshima bombing

Breathing-Kate Bush


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Radioactive Imagine Dragons

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