Still Stumbling…

My blog is like an old, familiar friend. My followers are important to me. It surprises me to realise how connected I feel and how much you have all taught me, as I have stumbled on my blogging quest.

Stumbled – has been a word used repeatedly in my blog. I know of no more accurate description. Each step has taken me down unfamiliar pathways. No – I do not know the way. I just keep taking tentative steps and hoping to find ground beneath my feet.

I thank you all for your support.

Genealogy has excited me from a very young age. My father once said in a kindly way,

“I don’t know where you come from.”

This resonated with me too.

Where exactly did I come from?

The irony of family history is that it is as much a journey of self-discovery, as it is about finding ancestors. There is peace in hearing the stories of our forefathers.

Knowing a name, opens a door. Hearing their story, may embark us upon the adventure of our lives.

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