Children can get very ill, very quickly. I remember my own son being fine one minute, then desperately ill with pneumonia the next.

I am so grateful to the doctors, who saved his life. At one point they were convinced he had meningitis and gave him a lumbar puncture. The doctor actually apologised as it was eventually determined, he was suffering from pneumonia. I just told him(the doctor) I was grateful to him. Even though our poor son hobbled around like little old man for a week.

I have known a child be at school one day perfectly fine, then die of meningitis within 24 hours.

They had ended up having to give him (our son) a second lumbar puncture (They had to knock him out, as the first one had been unsuccessful.) I am thankful that the doctors had left nothing to chance and had checked him for meningitis.

I know nothing about sepsis but I felt compelled to share this today:

Jason Watkins Opens Up About Losing A Child to Sepsiss

What You Need To Know About Sepsis.

Sources;Medstar Health

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