George R.R. Martin You Traumatised My Daughter

Not since Drawn To Life has my daughter been so traumatised.

Forget her parent’s divorce.

Forget broken romances.

It was Game of Thrones which finally broke my daughter.



Her heroine (Daenerys) of 6 years finally implodes, uses her dragon to reduce King’s Landing to smouldering ruins and gets killed by her lover/nephew Jon Snow.

Wait a minute isn’t Jon Snow dead?

Think I should have followed the plot a little more closely.

She (my daughter) entered her teens with Daenerys Targaryen as her role model.

I really hope that has changed or we are all in trouble.

Mind you I do have days where flying around on a dragon and watching certain characters flee before me, would sound like fun.

However George R.R. Martin I suspect you may have just destroyed the dreams of young women everywhere.

Not since Boadicea’s chariot with knives, has a woman ‘s transportation instilled so much terror.

Whoops sorry I forgot my driving lessons.

Couldn’t Daenerys be allowed to kick a#$÷× and still ride off, astride a dragon, with her prince/nephew?

No on second thoughts she was probably better off. Who wants to see Daenerys in domestic bliss with her dragon helping her cook tea? (Apparently my daughter insists that that would be a more worthy ending since in the books, all she wants is home and family.)

Oh well perhaps she (my daughter) should have stuck to Barbie after all..

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