Why I Love The Last Leg TV Show

As a child I nearly lost my leg to suspected cancer. Fortunately they had decided to simply remove the tumour, not my leg. Decades later they had finally determined the tumour had been benign but that is another story. When I was a teenager, a girl I knew, had indeed lost her leg, as a result of a car accident. My perspective on these things has been somewhat changed by that wonderful UK show The Last Leg.

I think the regular three presenters average, a leg apiece. The show is however not principally about disability. It is instead about one core ABILITY-the ability to laugh.

I have just watched them fight over the disabled dressing room. The disabled dressing room had a few perks-A large shower containing a seat. The able-bodied presenter was upset to have been evicted, as he had been enjoying sitting in the shower.

I love this programme for two reasons:

Firstly there is much light-hearted banter between the British and one Australian presenter but that is for another day.

Secondly there is so much fun and laughter, as they talk about both the news of the day and the challenges etc presented by their various disabilities.

Their attitude is amazing and they never cease to inspire me.

The Last Leg Visits Great Ormand Street Hospital

Source:The Last Leg

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