The Nails In The Fence-A Personal Perspective

The Nails in the Fence Story, for me, reached into the core of narcissistic abuse. Most (if not all ) survivors of narcissistic abuse in my experience, are like that battered ald fence. Yes we are still standing and in many cases the fence is still upright but the holes/wounds are still there and on display to any astute observer.

(Particularly to toxic people, who are likely to reuse these old holes/wounds to hammer in a few nails of their own, if we let them.)

Now I need once more to post my guard on that fence.

This guard was there in the background all along, trying to protect this pristine fence buI l for one, had likely silenced them

for a while, considering my dutiful companion a bore.

Don’t you know this girl wants some fun?

(At least in my case )

That guard had watched helpless, as all the good work of their years on duty, had come undone.

This loyal sentry had shared the pain of every nail that had been banged in.

We always have somebody in our lives, who knows all about the pain inflicted by nails.

My own guard never left me. I know that but instead of standing on duty, I had reduced my faithful supporter, to the role of frantically running around the fence, dealing with crisis after crisis. They had often been left supporting that fence, with their own back,

I had finally begun to fix those holes, when the toxic people in my life had decided to make one last charge, to obliterate it forever.

Instead however the guard had finally been able to pick up their hammer and start putting the now fragile structure back together.

Nearby there are a few signs stating that things are still under construction.

The plans being followed, show that one day not only will there no longer be holes…

but the new boundary will be much more secure. Increasingly that beleaguered guard has been restored to their position of honour. Whilst they might enjoy cheerily welcoming visitors, at times they are now unafraid to stand on duty and refuse admission. They have been promoted and in future recognise their voice will be heard.

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