The Ups and Downs of Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Recovery, as I have learned, is rarely linear in its progression. My mother once spoke to me about the grief she was experiencing since the death of my father. She had mentioned she would be out with friends enjoying herself and then she would suddenly be almost incapacitated by grief.It seems to me that our journey within the narcissist abuse community, is often pretty similar.

I have watched many online videos about narcissistic abuse. Mark Smith was interesting. One minute he was Superman in his recovery, then suddenly he was struggling again. From my observations it seems to me that real recovery happens in stages. We struggle through one level of recovery. We think we have reached a mountain summit, when we are in fact merely being allowed to rest on a ledge and enjoy the view for a while but ahead might still be a tough climb to be able to reach the next ledge, where we can collapse happy and relaxed again. I suspect the early climb is one of the toughest but one can only be comfortable resting on a ledge for a limited time. I confess to being a little lazy. I had not wanted to continue up the mountain but I am coming to the conclusion that we are often on a much longer journey, than we may have initially anticipated.

Becoming a Superman/Superwoman in your recovery

Source:Family Tree Brand Life Coaches


Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

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