Please Call Out Disrespect.

A recent ad campaign here un Australia, has really struck a chord with me.

I have been on the other end of this phone call and recognised that there were a bunch of people (both male and female) around my ex, who were giving him sympathetic looks.

I have even been put on speaker phone, presumeably to be mocked further. Fortunately I had recognised it and refused to open my mouth, until I was taken off speaker phone. Mind you, if I had had the confidence to speak into the room and speak my truth, I am sure he would have taken me off speaker phone pretty quickly.

I was actually set up. I had thought we were keeping things relatively amicable. I would contact him in the early stages of our separation to let him know important mail had arrived. He would clearly be portraying everything somewhat differently to his work colleagues. On one occasion a work colleague had actually answered the phone and I had asked them to pass on the message for me. I could hear the shock in their voice, as they had discovered the real reason for my call. I realise now he was probably telling everybody, I was hysterically begging him to come home.

I did have my moments of weakness but I had seen what had happened in his own family, when there had been a break up and had been determined to add as little as possible, to the family folk lore.

The ad was so real, it almost triggered me. I feel had his work colleagues been a little more discerning, my life would have been made slightly easier.


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