Adam Hill The Last Leg Downunder

I have discovered an amazing British TV series called  The Last Leg. It is an interesting mix of England and Australia. The main presenter is an Australian, Adam Hills (he appears to be mainly based in the UK.) The majority of the presenters are disabled in some way.

Adam Hills with The Last Leg in Australia

In this particular video, the team visit Australia. The culture shock for the British people is huge. I have had most of the experiences in this video, at one time or another. I declined to climb Ayers Rock and chose instead to walk around the base. Visiting indigenous communities is not generally possible, although I did encounter a doctor at one point, who worked within one. Outback Australia is a tough environment. I thought we would never get the red dust out of our backpacks. The heat is unreal. I developed a more pronounced stomp from trying to scare things away, which I did not want to meet on our path. The most spectacular wild creature I encountered in the wild, was a  huge(beautiful rather than scary) perentie at  Ayers Rock. perenti

I had opted out of a tour to see Ayers Rock at Sunset and had  instead encountered the perentie while watching the sunset for free, from a distance. Whilst the sunset was beautiful, it was the perentie, which has made the most long-lasting impression on me.

I have sung in a North Queensland bar and been bought drinks by guys similar to those in the video. It was fun but I am in no hurry to do it again.

Singing For My Supper

I think there is a lot of pressure on men to behave a certain way here. It had a huge effect on my ex. I see true strength as being able to be yourself, whether or not that means wrestling crocodiles or something similar.  It may have taken more courage to decline(which two of the guys did on one occasion) some of the experiences in the video, rather than to feel pressured to participate.

( In fact at the time, I had believed my ex had felt caught between two cultures and had found it nearly impossible to stand his ground. Knowing what I know now, I recognise his  triangulation but I am sure too, that the sustained deliberate outside manipulation, (which when I think about it, had started on day one), had made life more difficult than it had needed to be, for all of us.)

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