What Did I First Notice About Australians?

Opening my travel diary from twenty five years ago, I know exactly what it will tell me about the first thing I noticed about Australians.

The flip-flop (Australians call them thongs) is Australia’s national shoe.

Australians will wear flip-flops just about anywhere.

In fact one of the more endearing but not exactly stylish quirks of my ex narc, was his ability to wear flip-flops (with socks) even in the middle of Winter. My youngsters are pretty similar in that respect. This just triggered a debate between my two. Apparently it is in the genes. I won’t tell you which one is prepared to wear flip-flops and socks.

In their minds (short of an audience with the Queen), there are very few occasions for which these plastic carbuncles, are not considered appropriate footwear.

Actually thinking about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if an upmarket pair of designer flip flops, had occasionally found its way to Buckingham Palace, especially in Summer.

I have learned to accept that if I want the company of my offspring on a trip anywhere, especially in Summer, I may have to accept their feet being adorned, with a less than spectacular pair of the offending footwear.

This has slightly changed my perspective on thong-eating rodents.

Aaaah no!! It’s all coming back to me.

If you really want to fit in here in Australia, don a pair of thongs and go around saying.

No Worries!

We may well believe you are a local.

Translation: Australians call flip-flops thongs. If you happen to see a sign saying thongs are not allowed, it does not mean, you have to remove your underwear.

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