The Attitude

I got what I call “The Attitude” the other day. I had bristled so much, it had made me want nothing further to do with a group of people.

I have quite enjoyed listening to some of Sam Vaknin’s conversations with Richard Grannon. One comment Sam made, had particularly struck me. He stated simply that after many years of being suppressed worldwide,

Women are angry.

Whenever anybody says anything controversial like this, I know there will be a big chorus of

Not all (fill in the blank)are (fill in the blank).

Then the point is pecked away at and totally invalidated over time.

Denying this legitimate anger is not constructive in my view.

The pendulum swings and we tend to move from one extreme to another. When I think about the way women should be treated,I look to Jesus. A man who risked his life to protect a woman who was being stoned.  John 8 1-11

Jesus set the pendulum back in the middle where it should be. He was in turn loved and respected by many women he encountered.

(There may well be exceptions. I guess some of the crowd baying for his execution may have been women.)

Jesus was a man who ultimately gave his life for women. as much as for men.

John 19 1-37

A man who went out of his way through Samaria, just to have a conversation with a solitary woman by a well.

John 4 1-26

This was a man adored to the point of having a woman pour expensive perfume pour over his legs.

Mark 14 1-10

This was a man whose instruction his mother knew should be trusted and obeyed, ( This trust led to the first miracle of water being turned into wine.) John 2 1-11

I believe I have made this point before but it is a point I am prepared to repeat.

Real leadership often involves sacrifice rather than glory. Real  leadership costs-a point which often seems to be lost by many people, (including we women) who strive to be in charge.

This guy points out some of the differences between the brains of men and women in a humourous way. Yes we are different but we should be able to celebrate and occasionally laugh at these differences and recognise that we were  created (in my view) to complement each other, as together we are created in God’s likeness.

Men’s Brains Vs Woman’s Brains