A Wake Up Call

We kept chickens for years. I adored them, especially my little angel bantam. She had dutifully laid an egg a day for several years. I remember how we had bought four additional chickens one day. We had happily settled down in expectation of hordes of eggs. I had used to love to look out in my garden,watching them peck tbeir way across the lawn. However a clash of personalities had soon developed between myself and one of my new brood. I remember well, the day my eyes had met with the particularly straggly looking bird. Dealing as I was with a challenging individual in the house, I was rather sensitive to anything trying to assert its will over me. My first thought had been,

I don’t like you.

My next one was

Don’t you dare start throwing your weight around. I have enough nonsense in the house, without trying to deal with some arrogant chicken.

I think I may have occasionally muttered.

Roast chicken sounds nice.

I had watched how this bird had begun to dominate my other little birds. They would be quietly minding their own business, heads down pecking away, then this annoying creature would start causing disruption. I could almost hear my other dear little chickens saying,

Not you again.

My relationship with this particular bird had soon deteriorated.

Then came the day I had noticed there was something a little different about our troublesome new”hen”

I had run in exclaiming,

It’s a rooster!

Of course nobody had really believed me, until it had started to crow tentively in the morning. At which point he was returned to the place from which he had been purchased, as we were not allowed to keep roosters in our suburban back yard. Shortly afterwards one of my less troublesome chickens had also shown signs of developing some unexpected plumage. This time I had recognised the signs. I was a little sad as this “hen” had never caused any particular issues but I had recognised he was a rooster and he had to go, before the neighbours began to receive an early morning wake=up call.

Once again a visit was paid to our chickens’ initial home , bird in tow.

It was reported back to me that our first straggly-looking bird which we had returned, was now a magnifient rooster.In the right place it had grown into a striking bird but in our backyard this “alpha chicken” had made itself most unwelcome.

Warning link contains two minutes of video of roosters crowing. Do not click early in the morning.

Source:YANG Edwin https://www.youtube.com/user/Tieminusa