A Lesson Learned

When I had sat there listening to Desperado that day, I had decided it was better to take a chance and just live life. I knew love lives seemed to be a hassle but I had recognised, I had to take a chance on love eventually, even though I feared the drama and hassles of serious relationships. When I analyse things, I wonder if that was why I had ended up in a relationship with a narcissist. Somehow dealing with somebody of so little depth, had perhaps not appeared so overwhelming. Still I believe narcissistic relationships may be becoming the norm. I believe vastly more people are dealing with narcissists than realise it. You know the stories, people suddenly discovering their partners lived double lives. I certainly believe narcissism has probably infiltrated just about every family somewhere. I was surprised to learn that the brother of a dear friend of mine had been caught up in a terrible situation with a narcissistic partner. My friend had known little about narcissism and what her brother was going through, why he had appeared so trapped and why he had appeared at times to reject them. I was able to explain things to her. Another friend has a sister struggling to escape in a long term narcissistic marriage. I was able to help her understand too

I believe this is a spiritual thing and that only God can truly deal with a narcissist. Our job is not to fix them, it is just to get away and stay away.