Zero Tolerance

Just watched the customer service video again. She makes me smile,as I guess I was quite like her before my dose of narcissistic abuse. I felt sad that she had let herself be intimidated into going back in the changing room to be subjected to yet more nastiness.

Gee how many times have I endured passive aggressive behaviour from shop assistants and hairdressers over the years? Clothing shops could be a particular ordeal. Now when I go into clothing shops, I sometimes feel them look me up and down, with a “You are too old to buy anything here” look on their face. I would be really sad to see high-street shopping disappear but honestly some of these shops, really need to think about their attitude. I screwed up my courage and visited Chanel the other day. I made it clear I was merely browsing and yet they made me feel like a princess. Thank you Chanel, I left feeling like a valued customer. Yet I went into a local newspaper shop and was subjected to the kind of passive aggressive behaviour endured by the girl on the video.

Customer Service

Whatever happened to “The customer is always right?” The woman in the newsagents sneered at me from the moment I entered the shop but it was a local shop, so I persevered. Sadly after giving it a couple more goes, I gave up.

Years of push chairs and children in tow, have tended to keep me out of the more exclusive shops I used to enjoy. After my experiences of the last twenty years, I am very aware of people’s passive aggressive behaviour and I have had a gutful. I will generally speak to a manager if one is available or write a letter of complaint. I frequently take my custom elsewhere. The other day I was filling in a customer satisfaction type survey for something I had attended and I thought, “stuff it” and complained about having been subjected to passive aggressive behaviour.

My new motto is zero tolerance of passive aggressive behaviour. One nasty little dig is enough to make me walk away from “friends”shops or even blood relatives.

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