Thank You

I do have some advantages as a survivor of narcissistic abuse. I have a fantastic long-term memory-not quite Sheldon Cooper’s but getting there. I vividly remember almost every horrid thing he put me through, which is why I could never contemplate going back for another dose of the same and yet he still seems to […]

Wisdom At A Cost

I was listening to Don Lemon today, effectively talk about narcissism and narcissistic abuse(without using the actual terms). He was discussing how he recognises it, unlike so many, who have no idea (as we all know) just as many other African Americans also see it. I recognised that his intelligent and knowledgeable colleague, just could […]

Grandmother’s Wisdom

One day we will look back on this era and have to explain ourselves to our children and grandchildren. We have made idols of abusive bullies. Maybe people enjoy that the world stage seems occupied by so many of these people-until they end up on the wrong end of some of their behaviour. There is […]