Yesterday I heard some news which reminded me how blessed I have been. Make no mistake these toxic characters are dangerous especially if you show signs of awaking from the trance they have put you in. Leaving a narc may involve developing some acting skills just to stay safe.

I did tend to telegraph my moves which is not generally recommended but most of the time I did not let on how much I knew of what he was up to. I just stored things in my mind for future reference. Letting them think you are dumb, can be useful sometimes. (although I do confess more often than I care to admit, he did manage to catch even me somewhat by surprise. ) I would tell various people the stunts he was going to try and pull. I would frequently be dismissed out of hand. Then he would do exactly what I had said he would do.

I suspected a friend of mine was likely dealing with a dangerous individual. In the end I had actually backed off. I am struggling with this at the moment.I was always very open about my struggles. I had liked to think that I was the one person she could visit and feel that i some small way, she could let the mask slip a little. My opinion was her partner made mine seem like a walk in the park. Even though on the surface it was all sunshine and happy families, in the fullness of time she might come to me for help.

I had had my escape plan in place for more than a decade when things had come to a head. I had planned to hold on for perhaps a couple of more years but as in all things, it is God,s timing which counts. When I had complained to another friend, how the end had not come on my terms, according to my timing, she had bluntly pointed out that all manner of terrible things could have happened, if I had been able to wait, for what I had perceived to be the right time.

Yesterday I was reminded how right she was. Thank you again God for rescuing me. I know you are also right there in this other tragic situation.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

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